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Bolts are fasteners that are provided with a cylindrical shank on which male threads are engraved for the tightening of the nuts. They are forged with a hexagonal head at one end which ensures a good grip inside tools for tightening. 
Nuts are the small hollow hexagonal elements that are provided with female threads on the inner side which helps in engaging with bolts. There are various different types and sizes of such components availed by us in bulk. 
Rivets are the cylindrical fasteners that are forged with a head with collar which separates the two materials. They are various different lengths and diameters availed by us as pe their area of applications.
Studs are the mechanical joints that works same as that that of a bolt but they are not provided with a head. They are usually make a non-permanent joint in between a tapped component from one side and the other with a standard nut.
Screws are the mechanical elements that are used to make rigid non-moving joints between two components. They are provided with a sharp helical threads which make them suitable for different materials like wood, metal and many more.
Washers are the small circular ring shaped elements that are used in conjunction with fasteners to provide better tightening action. They are available in various different designs such as serrated, star, conical, square, locking and many other types.
Anchor Bolts
Anchor Bolts are heavy duty fastening elements having a large tensile and compressive strength which make them suitable heavy loads in various construction and industrial applications.
Threaded Bars
Threaded Bars are large mechanical members having similar structure as that of a studs with male threads all over their cylindrical shank. They are widely used for the joining of the large bodies that are subjected to large vibrations.
Hex Nuts
Hex Nuts the fasteners that are used in conjunction with bolts having suitable pitch and diameter to make a tight non-permanent joint between the mechanical parts. We offer various different sizes as per the diameter of the nut.
Nails & Pins

There are various types of Nails & Pins offered by us for industrial and commercial applications. They are made available in various types and sizes as per the need. They are easy to install in the various places.

Spring Nuts

We are offering here the various types of Spring Nuts which allow you to quickly and easily install a bolt or screw in a blind-side application, including panels and studs that can only be accessed from one side.